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Website Usage Agreement

Visitor of this websites are considered that you are agreed to following agreement at the using of this website.

DAISEN, Inc / DAISEN Industry, Inc. We may change following usage agreement without an advance announcement. The new agreement would be applied to all users after the effective date.

Although our company has paid careful attention to the information on the website. Responsibility is not assumed in the following points.

  1. Accuracy of the information, Safety of the information, Usefulness of the information for you.
  2. Information on the website are updated information.
  3. Damage or loss occurred by usage of this website
  4. Stop of the server without advance notice, Changing Information, Stopping service. In addition to that,      damage or loss because of those reasons.

When using the website linked from the website of our company, please follow the usage agreement of their website.

• Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

The information for visitors, such as product, service, technology, etc., provided by our company is protected by Copyright Act, and Industrial Property Rights, and another Intellectual Property Laws. Visitors are able to use the information on our website only for private use. Permission is required if the purpose exceeds private use, such as duplicate, transmission, distribution, transfer, etc.

Also, the trade name, trademark, and logo of our company used on this website are protected by Trademark Law, Unfair Competition Prevention Law, and other laws. These cannot be used without permission.

Prohibited Actions

In using the website of our company, following actions are prohibited.
  1. Infringement (copyright, or other property rights) to the other visitors, third party, or our company.
  2. Slander or threats to a visitor, a third party, or our company.
  3. Actions, which give, or may give damage or loss to a visitor, a third party, or our company.
  4. An act with a possibility of damaging trust of our company or the website of our company.
  5. Sales acts, or other profit purposes acts.
  6. Obscene and blasphemous act or utterance, The act contrary to good public order and customs.
  7. Use or present of harmful computer programs, such as computer viruses, etc.
  8. Unlawful actions, includes exporting law, or an act with a possibility of breaking.
  9. Other act which harm third party or ourparty, or or an act with a possibility of harming.

Information Provided by Visitors.

Our company normally declines offer from visitor about their occupancy information (idea of the visitor's technology, sale, goods, etc) except special occasion.

We don’t have any responsibility on the information which visitor provided to us without a clarification of importance of confidentiality.

• Exemption Clause

If there was no further indication on the agreement, our company normally does not take any responsibility to visitors and other third parties about use of the website of our company. Also, we do not guarantee safeties, such as not including the newest information, accuracy, usefulness, functionality, and computer virus and other hazardous property.

The external link to other website does not mean the linked companies are within business relationship with our company.

When visitor or third party claimed their damage or loss because of our service, we will accept the claim only when we agreed the condition. However, we also have a right to claim the visitor who causes the trouble including the claim and other cost related to the issue such as lawyer cost.

An applicable law and a competent court

About the website of this usage agreement and our company, we apply a Japanese law. Moreover, we try to solve the trouble, which related to this website or our company, by Gifu District Court